2020 Training Dates & Course Updates

Great news!  We’ve published the first 6 months of our 2020 Training Calendar, through June, 2020.  But wait, that’s not all, if you keep reading you’ll also learn about our new LIVE On-line Training options, as well as various course updates for 2020 too. 😉

LIVE Remote On-line Training Options

Our on-line instruction allows users to train LIVE and one-on-one with one of our certified instructors via screen sharing and teleconference. Students train on their own PC, at their own desk, and receive all course materials and content electronically. *Broadband Internet connection required*

New to our solutions?  Need a refresher?  Our LIVE Remote On-line training options are great way to get up & running fast and they’re being expanded.  Customized remote training is also available; contact our Director of Training & Technical Support to discuss your needs.

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Course Updates

Video Evidence Training for InvestigatorsWe’re always updating content for our courses, but for 2020 we’ve made key changes to our courses.  First, we’ve “modularized” things such that our 5-Day FVA 101 Course will begin with our 3-Day Fundamentals of Video Evidence for Investigations (FVEI) Course.

You may have also noticed the name change in our 3-Day fundamentals course, formerly “FVERP”.  Although the name has changed, the topics and target audience remain the same.  This course is designed to facilitate quick access to accurate, actionalable information from your multimedia evidence.  It is targeted to those who have had little-to-no training on working with video evidence, while at the same time providing hands-on experience in assessing multimedia evidence & problem solving that serves as valuable “refresh” training for experienced Technicians & Analysts.

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FVA 101 – Now w/Media Composer 2019.x

Our January 27-31, 2020 FVA 101 course will be the first FVA 101 taught using Avid’s new Media Composer 2019.x.  As you may know, version 2019.x was introduced by Avid back in June and included some significant changes to the interface, as well as several new time saving features.  Avid has continued to publish updates to 2018.x (The “old” interface) as well, with the latest being 2018.12.8 which was released 10-17-20.  We will begin using 2019.x in all Ocean Systems FVA 101 training courses in 2020.

archive-R Compatibility Issue w/Media Composer 2019.x

We are aware of a compatibility issue between archive-R and Media Composer 2019.x, and will be addressing that in an update coming soon.  If you’re using archive-R and Media Composer in your workflows, DO NOT update to 2019.x until further notice.

dTective® 8.1 for Adobe Premiere Pro

Back in July we published a BETA release of dTective® for Premiere Pro & After Effects.  We’re excited about this for many reasons, to include the fact that Avid & Adobe are working more closely together than ever, and have even discussed project interoperability between their solutions.

In any case, we’ll be pushing out an updated BETA release soon, as well as an update to the dTective® Suite for Avid Media Composer.  In 2020, we expect to merge the BETA into our dTective® package installer such that you can choose your platform in the traditional dTective® installer itself.

I say all of that to say this, at present we are not planning to use Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects in our FVA 101 courses in 2020.  That may change, of course, but we cannot teach on every platform in every class.  Our courses are so jammed packed with information and exercises, it would just be too much to fit in, even for experienced users.  Here’s the great news though…

Tons of FREE Training From Avid & Adobe

Both Avid & Adobe provide a plethora of free on-line training, including courses, certifications, brief video tips & tricks, and more.  Both continue to expand these offerings regularly, and even provide training on transitioning from one to the other.  It couldn’t be easier to access either, just go to the application’s “Help” menu or visit their website.  Below are a few direct links:

Not everyone dealing with multimedia evidence needs to learn non-linear editing, but it is fundamental to a multitude of analysis & presentation tasks.  There are a lot of NLEs out there, we recommend using one of the two best, and we can absolutely teach you how to leverage them for technical & forensic processing.

2020 Training Course Pre-Read Material

The more time we spend on the basics of using a host NLE or application, the less time we have for sharing information specific to leveraging them in an investigative or forensic environment.  Therefore, we strongly encourage students to leverage the free training resources provided by Avid & Adobe ahead of time.

Our instructors send out a welcome message to students typically 2 weeks prior to a class start date, which includes various Pre-Read material along with links to various resources.  We strongly encourage students to review our pre-read materials & take advantage of Introductory level training provided by Avid & Adobe, especially if you’re new to Avid & Adobe applications.

Let’s Solve Some More Problems Together!

It’s what we love to do, helping you overcome challenges and issues with your Digital Multimedia Evidence (DME) workflows.  We’ve been doing forensic video & DME longer than most, enjoy working with our customers & even our competitors, and genuinely want everyone to win.

We know that’s not how it works, and that somebody usually has to lose for someone else to win, but that doesn’t mean we have to agree with it! 🙂

Check out our 2020 training calendar.  We hope to see you in class in 2020!


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