4K/UHD Qualified Forensic Workstations w/Dual 8-Core Intel® Xeon® Processors

You probably know we’re the market leading provider of Forensic Multimedia Workstations, and have been for a couple of decades (Next year is our 30th Anniversary!).

Ocean Tower with Tableau Write-blocker

Ocean Systems 16-Core Tower with SSD boot drive, M-DISC burner, 128GB DDR4 RAM, and more.

Even so, did you know our Forensic Workstations are perfect for Computer & Mobile Forensics too?  From live stream multimedia encoding to password cracking leveraging the latest GPUs, we’ve got you covered.

Want to add a Tableau or WiebeTech – CRU integrated Forensic Bridge? We can do that.

Need blazing fast storage speeds?  We’ve got you covered, whether it’s PCIe SSDs or expandable SAS3/12G – 4800MB/Sec RAID protected storage that scales up to 256 total drives.

Go ahead, compare our Forensic Workstations to others or even price-out the cost of building a comparable workstation yourself.  We’re confident you’ll find the value of our hardware solutions and exceptional support.

We Not Only Provide Solutions, We Build Relationships

Call us today at (301) 476-8015 to discuss your specific needs.

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