An Important Letter from Ocean Systems to our Valued Customers

May 20, 2022

Dear Friends in the Law Enforcement Community,

I would first like to apologize for the lack of communication and contact from Ocean Systems over the past several weeks. Events have been and continue to be overwhelming.

It is with a heavy heart that I deliver the news that Ocean Systems had to make the very difficult decision to lay off its entire staff while we explore options for the Company, its software/hardware products, and its other assets.  The past 2 years under COVID put a tremendous strain on the company and drained its resources.  Then, unexpectedly poor sales over the past few months quickly put us in a critical financial condition.  This forced us to suspend operations and focus on exiting our leased office space before the end of April, while simultaneously reconfiguring our systems so that we might continue to provide some level of support to you, our valued customers.  We had been at our location for 32 years, so you can imagine the daunting task that was.

We were not sure what we could accomplish and didn’t want to communicate different messages to you saying one thing and then having to come back and say something else.  I think we are finally in a position to say what we can do and offer over the next couple months.

We have successfully relocated our servers and reconfigured processes so that we can provide customers, who are entitled to the latest versions of our software, the ability to download it and get unlock codes.  Given that we have no paid staff, we will respond as best we can.  We are still in the process of streamlining phone and email addresses so that we can respond to customers. Therefore, we beg your patience while we continue to make adjustments while simultaneously try to respond to your needs.

Now that the move and transition is substantially complete, the online store is restructured so that we can more efficiently serve customers in the following ways:

1) Unlock Licenses Currently in Support

If you have a software product from us that is currently under support, we hope to start working on processing unlock requests. Visit our Downloads Page

2) Purchase 1-Time Upgrades to the Latest Version of Software

We know some of our customers who are not entitled to the latest software version, might want to upgrade.  We have updated our online store to provide one-time upgrade options for many of our products.  This will include the option to convert 1-yr subscription licenses of QuickDME to perpetual licenses.

3) Purchase Additional Seats/Copies (at a reduced price) of Products at the Latest Version

Some of you have asked us to sell you additional seats of Ocean products at their latest version.  At our on-line store, we have provided the option to purchase additional seats/licenses (for current customers only). The cost of these additional seats will be reduced to reflect that these licenses are at the current shipping version and do not include future updates/upgrades.

4) Purchase Additional Omnivore Drives (we have 30 in stock)

As you know, Omnivore Drives incorporate a physical USB3 drive and we have approximately 30 of these remaining in stock.  These will also be available at a reduced cost.   We also have used Omnivore drives that we will be upgrading to the latest version and making available as well under the “Demo/Training” category.

5) Purchase Demo/Training Equipment

We are starting to go through the equipment we used in our training lab as well as computers used by our development team.  As these items are detailed, we will add them to the online store under the “Demo/Training Used Equipment” category.

We have just reopened our online store at  There you can request a quote for the items I just described.  Once we review and approve each quote, you will receive an email to the address you provided with the ability to accept the proposed quote and then process a payment online.  We have only just began to catalog the used equipment, so return often if you think you might be interested in that.

Please do not allow this news to reflect negatively in any way on the abilities and performance of our employees.  They are all knowledgeable professionals who provided the company, and you our customers, years and sometimes decades of exemplary service.

We hope to provide more information in the coming weeks. Your understanding and patience while we work through these difficult circumstances is appreciated.


Angelo Guarino, Jr.

President, Ocean Systems

New Mailing Address:

Ocean Systems

574 Ritchie Hwy, Ste F-138

Severna Park, MD 21146