Bulk processing DCCTV Evidence with Omnivore™’s FFmpeg Convert

In the lab or in the field, Omnivore™ includes the power of FFmpeg Convert to play & process any FFmpeg supported video file from any Windows PC with an available USB port.

Multiple checkbox options can be selected and performed simultaneously. (Click to enlarge)

Omnivore™‘s ease of use, capabilities and portability make it a cost effective solution for both investigative and forensic video processing tasks, such as:

  • Previewing & Playing any FFmpeg supported video file
  • Assess & Interrogate video files with FFprobe
  • Review detailed frame/sample metadata
  • Quickly Re-wrap and/or convert video files for distribution or further processing
  • Extract all frames or only I-frames
  • Extract and/or covert audio streams contained in video files
  • Resize or correct the display aspect ratio of video files
  • Bulk processing of video files
  • And the ability to save all related FFmpeg logs with the click of a button.

Drag & Drop Bulk Processing

Often times we are provided with several evidentiary video files that simply need to be converted to a standard format for ease of distribution & review or further forensic processing.  As an example, we have three “.264” video files recovered from a Night Owl DCCTV system, however, no player for these files was exported by the DCCTV system or provided by the investigators.

The investigators would like a way to review these files, and have asked that they be converted to a standard video file format for that reason.  Here’s how easy it is to do:

  1. Dragging & Dropping a folder onto the Omnivore_Viewer.exe

    Drag & Drop your folder of files on or into the Omnivore_Viewer.exe

  2. Select the FFmpeg Convert processing options (Multiple tasks can be performed/checked at once)
  3. Set your output location, then click OK
  4. Save the related processing log files with a single click.

It’s so easy that you may want to consider getting them an Omnivore™ drive of their own!

Remember though, Omnivore™ was designed so it could be shared among multiple users, such that each user can create their own user profile & save their own screen capture preferences.

Portable, award winning uncompressed screen capture, now with the power of FFmpeg.  Contact us today to learn more about how Omnivore™ can save you & your agency both time and money!

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