QuickDME - Digital Evidence & Viewer Manager

Managing Digital Evidence “Silos” with QuickDME™

QuickDME™ version 3.1 (released March 29, 2018)  introduces many new features, including one we call “Linkable Locations”.  This feature allows the system administrator to “Link” to other network storage locations, then “index” the evidence from those locations without having to move all of the data in order to manage it with QuickDME™.  Linkable Locations make […]

Overlay Timecode Information on an Avid Media Composer Sequence

Having video evidence from multiple cameras for an investigation becomes more common as each day passes.  With multiple camera views and/or videos from different sources, aligning those videos into a multi-track timeline can be the most thorough and powerful way to interrogate and digest the material, both from an investigative standpoint as well as from […]

Introduction to ClearID® – LIVE Remote Training (4hrs)

For those new to ClearID, we now offer live one-on-one instructor led training! Students train on their own PC, at their own desk, and receive all course materials and content electronically. *Broadband Internet connection required* This 4-hour online instruction covers the proper application and use of ClearID v3 in a forensic Digital Image Workflow. Students […]

DVR Recovery Field Kit

Expediting Digital Video Evidence Recovery & Documentation

One of the most time consuming aspects of Digital Video Evidence recovery is often the process of documenting the recovery in compliance with Best Practices.  Documenting the recording system settings, in particular, can be ardous to say the least when dealing with proprieatry & often poorly designed interfaces.  Although photographing each screen of the menus […]

dTective® Forensic Video Analysis Suite

dTective® Forensic Video Analysis Suite v7.5 Released

dTective® Forensic Video Analysis Suite v7.5 is now available as a free upgrade to all users with a current dTective® support contract as of 3/1/2017! Now with 15x ClearID Filters Available as Avid AVX Plug-ins With the release of dTective 7.5, Ocean Systems has expanded the processing power of the dTective suite by including 15x […]

-iNPUT-ACE A Dynamic Video Workflow Engine for Law Enforcement

Struggling with Proprietary DCCTV formats? We have the solution!

In our surveillance society, there are many hundreds of proprietary digital video formats that cannot be played using traditional video players.  -iNPUT-ACE, from OCCAM Video Solutions, allows your investigators to instantly access, enhance, and manage this critical evidence.  It’s never been easier to work with proprietary Digital CCTV evidence thanks to -iNPUT-ACE; simply drag, drop […]

Look for us at Booth #2740 @ IACP 2016

If you’ll be attending IACP 2016 in San Diego, October 15-18, bee sure to stop by and see us at booth #2740. We’ll be showing some of our latest product updates, to include a soon to be released update for Omnivore Field Kit. Hope to see you in San Diego!  

Forensic Processing Workstation

4K/UHD Qualified Forensic Workstations w/Dual 8-Core Intel® Xeon® Processors

You probably know we’re the market leading provider of Forensic Multimedia Workstations, and have been for a couple of decades (Next year is our 30th Anniversary!). Even so, did you know our Forensic Workstations are perfect for Computer & Mobile Forensics too?  From live stream multimedia encoding to password cracking leveraging the latest GPUs, we’ve […]

Media Composer v8.6 – The Source Browser

Avid Media Composer 8.6 will change the way you think about Media Composer.  Getting media into Media Composer couldn’t be much easier; simply browse, preview, select, and go.  It’s really that simple, whether you’re importing or Linking to media (a.k.a. AMA).  In either case, you can even begin working right away as you transcode in […]