Download our QuickView LT™ Free Multimedia Viewer Today!

Today we’re happy to announce the release of QuickDME™ version 4.1.1, as well as a standalone installer for QuickView LT™ (Our FREE multimedia viewer).

New and Improved Features in QuickDME version 4.1.1:

  •  QuickDME™ QuickView in AccessDME™
    • QuickDME Note Taking Capability – This new feature allows notes to be taken while reviewing video within AccessDME or when viewing video outside of AccessDME, Notes can be easily saved to a PDF file.
  • QuickView LT™ Video Player
    • QuickView LT Standalone Installer  –  This 17MB installer allows anyone to use the Free QuickView LT MM Video Player accessible from Windows Explorer > Right click context menu. Download it today!
    • QuickView LT archive-R™ Integration – You can now play videos and sequence previews prior to archiving from within archiver.
    • QuickView LT Zoom Controls was added allowing you to display video at preset zoom levels.

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