dTective® 8.5 for Adobe Premiere Pro Released!

Today we’re excited to announce that we’ve officially released dTective® 8.5.10 for Adobe Premiere Pro, which includes our new Matrix LE 2×2 effect!  This release requires a 64-bit version of Adobe Premiere Pro version CS6 or newer, up to and including Premiere Pro 2021 (v15.x).

This release is already unlocked for those with a current dTective® license and/or support agreement, and it unlocks via your current dTective® dongle.  Without an active dTective® dongle the effects will display “DEMO” over the video clip where a dTective® effect is applied.

You can renew your dTective® support securely online via credit card or PO, automatically generate a support proposal to submit for purchasing or call us at (301) 476-8015 to discuss support renewal options.

dTective® 8.5.10 for Avid Media Composer

We’ve also published a maintenance release of dTective 8.5 for Avid Media Composer today.  This release addresses a minor bug in SpotLight/Redact where the border of the target area shape would convert to a line IF the target moved off the top of the video canvas.

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