February Newsletter & Updates

ClearID 3.4.1 for Photoshop 2020 –  Released 1-15-2020

ClearID 3.4.1 (Image Clarification Filters for Photoshop 2020 and Avid Media Composer

  • Released 1-15-2020 – Free upgrade if in support as of 12-01-2019
  • Various interface updates and bug fixes including align and average offsets getting reported to the Verification Report.
  • Download Omnivore 3.4.1

Omnivore with FFmpeg Convert, Probe and Play is Released

Now you can view and process native digital media files not captured with Omnivore and export them in various ways.  I-Frames only, images, AVI, etc.  And get reports.  Omnivore is no longer only for forensically sound screen capture. Now it does both digital media processing and forensically sound screen capture. You choose which method(s) of processing is best for the given situation. You can even batch process files using multiple output settings in one process.

FFmpeg to go, and without installation as you move between systems.  And we provide a FFmpeg report/log. 

Omnivore (Forensically Sound Portable Digital Video Processing and Screen Capture)

  • FFMPEG processing on the go with a GUI interface. Without installation.
  • Batch Processing of multiple formats is one process (I-Frames, Images and Video formats all separated automatically to separate folder.
  • And more
  • Download Omnivore

In the office or in the field, Omnivore is a must have tool for anyone viewing or processing digital video evidence.

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Training – Get the Training you need the way you need it

We offer both remote one-on-one live training and in house training in our lab.
If you aren’t sure of what date you want, you can purchase a 1 year voucher

Video Evidence Recovery & Processing – (3 Day) – $895

  • This focus is on recovery and processing with Omnivore, ClearID and QuickDME

Forensic Video Processing and Analysis – (5 Day) – $1495

  • Comprehensive overview of digital media processing using Ocean Systems solutions.

If you haven’t been trained on our latest updates or you have new personnel, come join us.

Training without travel!
LIVE one-on-one custom training via screen sharing and teleconference.
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Forensic Processing Workstations – with SSD M.2 Boot Drive Configurations for fast boot up times

If your workstation is more than 3 years old, it’s time to upgrade to modern technology.

Ideal for any FVA or Computer Forensic Processing Intensive Software.

  • Forensic Processing Workstation

    Ocean Systems tower with optional integrated write-blocker.

    20 Core/40 Thread CPU Processing

  • Silver 4210 2.4GHz (Upgradable)
  • 64GB RAM DDR4 (2 of 8 slots)
  • nVidia P2200 5GB Graphics 140GB/Sec
  • 500GB SSD M.2 Boot (3500/2500MB/Sec)
  • TBs of internal Raid Storage
  • Speakers, Keyboard, Mouse
  • UHD/4K/1080P Qualified
  • Whisper Technology Power Supply

 Upgrade and Customize with:

  • Rackmount Chassis and Furniture
  • nVidia Graphic Card Upgrades
  • Tableau  Write Blockers
  • PCIe 16x M.2 Card w/4x more slots
  • SafeAV Internal Raid 5 or 6 – up to 32TB*
  • SafeAV Raid 5 or 6 Storage – up to 96TB*
  • NAS Storage from Synology
  • And more

Starting at $5,995 w/4TB AV Storage or $7,595 with Raid Controller and 16TB Raid 5

New G6 i9 64GB RAM Laptops Workstations Released
Watch our Video Review

Call Today 301-476-8015 or e-mail Sales@oceansystems.com
with any questions, or to request a proposal.

Other Product Release Updates

 Click Here to visit our – What’s New Page – Demo Copies Available

dTective 8.1 ( Forensic Video Redaction, Clarification, Analysis and Presentation)

  • Version 8.1 Released 02-01-19
  • dTective for Premiere  – Beta Version available
  • New Spotlight/Redact with multiple targets in one plugin
  • dVelopers updated – huge performance increased for real-time frame averaging
  • ClearID Image and Video Processing Filters available as Avid AVX plugins

QuickDME 3.5 (Digital Media Processing and Workflow Engine – From Acquisition to  Dissemination)

  • Version 3.5 Released
  • New FFmpeg integration for exporting and rewrapping.  All the power of Omnivore processing and more but with a database back end and integrated SOP workflows and automation.
  • Integrated Player Manager to bring organization to proprietary video and players
  • Send to your favorite applications.
  • Notifications, Reports, Automations, auditing.
  • NAS Support
  • Ideal solution for anyone processing digital media evidence individually or as a teams
  • Check to see if you are eligible for a Free 1 year subscription

Omnivore Field Kit ( Plug, Play and Capture in just minutes )

  • Have an older Omnivore Field Kit? Consider upgrading your Laptop to a G6 model.
  • Capture an uncompressed copy of the video feed from DVR and other video players
  • Document your native file recoveries for future reference
  • Overcome onsite recovery obstacles such as no video player on export

Avid Media Composer  ( Full Featured Non-Linear Editor with Timeline )

  • Version 2020 – Amazing updated interface
  • New interlocking interface to make the user experience more seamless
  • Update any version of Media Composer to the latest – Just $395 or $895
  • Add  dTective Plug-ins for Spotlight, redaction, and more
  • Phrase Find – drop an audio file in Avid and search by text entered words
  • View features added by Avid version and see what you are missing

QEAS ( Audio Clarification )

  • Version 2.3.2 AAX/VST 64bit
  • Support Avid, Audacity, and more

Stored Webinars from Ocean Systems

Watch our previous webinars from 2/21/19 where we demonstrate how QuickDME 3.5 can help your streamline your digital media evidence processing.

View our Webinars on various products and workflows.

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