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Since August 2000, Ocean Systems has successfully trained over 5,000 law enforcement personnel in proper techniques for video processing.

Ocean Systems Certified Vendor Training

Once you have completed one of our courses, you will receive a certificate showing you have been trained by the manufacturer or a manufacturer accredited trainer.  If you are being offered training by an outside source, please check with us to verify that they are an Ocean Systems Certified Trainer (301-476-8015).  Generate and Online Quote

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Custom Training

Need training on an Ocean Systems product?  Want to review your forensic workflow(s) & processes with one of our experts LIVE, 1-on-1?

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Avid & Adobe Training

Both Avid & Adobe offer a multitude of free tutorials & training resources, as well as professional training & certification. Visit the links below to learn more.

Avid Media Composer Learn & Support

Adobe Photoshop Learn & Support


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Forensic Video Training Courses

Below are our current course offerings. Click on a class for more information & upcoming training dates.

Forensic Video Training Course Synopses

LIVE - Remote On-Line Training Options (4 Hour Sessions - Modules Offered)
Training without travel.  Get LIVE one-on-one training from a certified instructors via screen sharing and teleconference.

Current Online Training Modules Available:

  • Omnivore - Intro to Digital Media Processing using Omnivore & FFmpeg Convert
  • ClearID - Image Clarification Training
  • QuickDME - Digital Media Processing and Workflow
  • dTective/Avid Media Composer - Introduction to dTective plugins for NLE's  - Avid Media Composer Video Editing, Redacting, Frame Averaging, etc.

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Forensic Video Processing and Analysis (FVA 101 - 5 Days)
This course provides an comprehensive overview of Forensic Video Processing using a full set of Ocean Systems Tools and  exposure to 3rd party products.  Ideal for both DME Technicians/Analysts/Examiners who are new to FVA & experienced users that haven't been trained on the latest updated products.

Tools Utilized and Discussed:
Omnivore, Omnivore Field Kit, Photoshop/ClearID, Avid Media Composer and dTective Suite with ClearID Filters for Video Editing/Redaction and QuickDME Digital Media Processing Workflow Engine


  • TBA due to Coronavirus concerns. Please consider our Online, one-on-one Remote Training Options

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Fundamentals of Video Evidence for Investigations (FVEI - 3 Days)
This course is the first 3 days of our FVA 101 course that excludes the last two days in which you would learn how to process evidence in an non-linear editor using the dTective suite.  Students spend the majority of the class doing hands-on investigative processing tasks like extracting the video to a playable format, extracting images, converting/transcoding, and basic image clarification to quickly produce actionable investigative leads.   Ideal for anyone in the chain of evidence that needs to leverage video evidence.

Tools Utilized and Discussed:
Omnivore™ with FFmpeg, Photoshop/ClearID, QuickDME™ and other tools discussed include FFmpeg, VirtualDub, VLC Media Player and more


  • TBA due to Coronavirus concerns. Please consider our Online, one-on-one Remote Training Options

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DVR Assessment & Video Recovery (DVR Rec - 2 Days)
2-day hands-on training course, students are taught Best Practices for DCCTV Recovery and recover from 9 different DVR's in every way possible.  Includes an overview of video fundamentals, but is designed for those actually doing the recovery of DCCTV evidence.


  • TBA due to Coronavirus concerns. Please consider our Online, one-on-one Remote Training Options

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Forensic Video Certification

Once you have completed Ocean Systems certified vendor training, we encourage you to continue your education & seek industry certification as an IAI Certified Forensic Video Examiner (CFVE), LEVA Certified Forensic Video Technician (CFVT), LEVA Certified Forensic Video Analyst (CFVA) or ETAIntl's Audio/Video Forensic Analyst (AVFA).  Our certified vendor training courses are both a great foundation for those just starting out, as well as valuable refreshers for currently certified Examiners, Technicians and Analysts.

Agencies Trained Badges

Bring An Agency Patch to Training

Several attendees from previous classes had taken it upon themselves to bring us a patch from their unit. Proud to have received these gifts we created displays that cover our office walls with them, as a constant reminder of the important work we do.

If you'd like your patch displayed, please bring one with you.