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Forensic Video Processing Software & Hardware – What’s New?

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New Product Release Notifications System
This is our new email notification system allowing you get announcements for Product Releases, Free Training Webinars invites, Give-Aways, and we push out Tech Support solutions.  Its also a list-serv, so you can interact with key Ocean System personnel and other users with one simple email address.

Our Notification App that integrates with Windows OS – Secure.  Free.  Cross-platform.  Integrated with your desktop and/or mobile device OS.
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Product Release History by Product, Version and Features

What’s New

Host Applications

  • Avid Media Composer:
    Avid is currently supporting three long term release branches, 2021.x, 2020.x, and 2019.x
    2018.x End of Development was 12/31/2020, and end of support was 12/31/2021.  See Avid End of Life Dates for more information.

    • 2021.12 (December, 2021) – dTective 8.6 & archive-R 2.1 supported.
    • 2020.12.3 (June, 2021) – dTective 8.6 & archive-R 2.1 supported – No longer supports Windows 7 as of 2020.9
    • 2019.12.5 (December, 2021) – archive-R not supported.
    • 2018.12.15 (February, 2021) – dTective 8.6 fully supported.
  • Adobe Photoshop 2022 (v23.1, released January, 2022)
    • Update available through Creative Cloud.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro 2022 (v22.1.2, released December, 2021)
    • Update available through Creative Cloud.

Forensic Processing Workstations

We are constantly researching, testing & updating our industry leading Forensic Workstation configurations. Qualified to run the most processing intensive software, our Forensic Workstations are purpose built, application tested, 4K/UHD qualified systems with XEON processors, optional M.2 Boot drives, optional write-blockers, and more.