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    1. Launch Photoshop
    2. Open an image. You must have an image open to launch ClearID
    3. There are two methods for launching ClearID
    • Located under PS > Filter menu > ClearID Workflow
    • Or using F7 Hot Key To Launch ClearID 2.x or later

    Using the F7 Hot Key to Launch ClearID

    If you have an image open when you press the F7 key and the ClearID Workflow interface does not appear, you need to load the ClearID base action set.  To do this:

    1. Open the actions window via Windows > Actions.
    2. Left click the Actions Windows flyout menu in the upper right corner
    3. Select the ClearID base action set

    Once the base action set is loaded in the Actions window, you can use the ClearID default shortcuts, such as F7 for launching ClearID.

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