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    Detailed instructions with screen shots can be viewed by accessing the ClearID Product Guide through the ClearID interface. A copy was also stored on your C drive during installation.


    Once you open the guide, goto the Appendix section for more details.

    Launching ClearID & Accessing the Registration Screen

    ClearID runs from with in Photoshop and can be accessed under the PS > Filters menu

    • First Launch Photoshop
    • Then open an image. (this is required to access ClearID)
    • Next, launch the ClearID Workflow interface from Photoshop Filters > ClearID ® Workflow
    • Click the “Register Now” button on the main interface
    • Follow the instructions on the following screen to submit your request via the internet.
    • If not connected to the internet on this system, you can do the following

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