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     – ClearID will run in a 30 day trial mode until unlocked

     – ClearID v3.0 will require a new unlock code (Separate from CID v2.6.x).

    – Unlocking ClearID v3.0 requires that you have your ClearID Serial Number handy.

    If upgrading ClearID from v2.x and you do not have your Serial Number, folow the instructions under Step 1 below for ClearID v2.x and it will display your serial number.

    Unlocking ClearID

    The process to unlock is essentially the same for ClearID v2.x and ClearID v3.x, although the screens are slightly different.  Follow the steps below to request your unlock code.  Once processed, we will email you your code so you can unlock your licensed copy of ClearID.

    1)  Launching the ClearID Registration Screen

    • Launch Photoshop
    • Open an image
    • Launch the ClearID Workflow located: Photoshop Filters > ClearID ® Workflow

    ClearID v2.x

    Click “Function Index” tab, select “Product Registration”, click “OK”.


    ClearID v3.x

    Click the “Register Now” button to open the Registration Window

    CLearID v3 interface

    REQUEST AN UNLOCK CODE (all versions)

    2)  Enter your Serial Number, then click the button in Step 1 to be taken to our unlock request form:


    3)  Once you have obtained your ClearID unlock code, enter it along with your ClearID serial number as shown below and click “OK”.


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