Frame Averaging “Wizardry” with Ocean Systems dVeloper™

This week we released the dTective® Forensic Video Analysis Suite version 8.1, which brings some amazing performance improvements to our dVeloper™ frame-averaging effect. Improvements so significant, it’s never been quicker or easier to interrogate High Resolution video (e.g. UHD, 4K, 8K and above) with frame-averaging!

Many times crucial details are hidden in video due to poor lighting or improperly adjusted and maintained cameras and video equipment. Or maybe it’s just raining outside or smoke from the fire is obscuring view of the fire’s origin.  dVeloper™ can often help, very quickly.  With most of today’s sources producing standard MP4 files and Avid Media Composer‘s Link feature, it’s as simple as 1) Open Media Composer, 2) Link to clip, 3) apply dVeloper™.

How It Works

When dealing with color video, details are often more prevalent in one color channel than another.  With dVeloper™, it’s easy to isolate the video color space that holds the most valuable information.  With the click of the mouse, dVeloper™ compensates for the poorly exposed video.  By analyzing the entire video, or just a region of interest, dVeloper™ automatically adjusts brightness, contrast and gamma to bring out more detail.

dVeloper™ removes noise and video graininess through a time-lapse processing technique called frame averaging.  When the target remains still for even a moment, video noise and other transient items like rain and snow are removed, revealing the details hidden beneath.

Interrogate Your Video Thoroughly

Learn more about dVeloper™ and our dTective® Suite or download a free trial version of dTective® today!

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