Interrogating an Image or Video with ClearID® Interactive Channel Selector (ICS)

Quickly examining your image or video’s color channels in several different color spaces, without having to convert it, is one of my favorite features when it comes to leveraging ClearID®. That’s the essense of ClearID®’s Interactive Channel Selector (ICS)

ICS shown in Adobe Photoshop 2021

ClearID® – Tab 4 – Interactive Channel Selector (ICS) interface

Our live preview allows you to find the color channel that contains the most detail and/or the least artifacts.  The reverse as well, because often identifying the channel that contains the most noise is helpful when considering the next steps in your workflow.

TIP: When using ICS you can use your keyboard’s arrow keys to navigate up/down the channels list and see a live preview.

Color Spaces

RGB, HSV, Lab, CMY (not to be confused with CMYK), Y’CbCr, and Panchromatic are all available for LIVE preview.

Of course, ClearID® can be leveraged in Photoshop on both images & video, and it’s also available via dTective® 8.1 for Avid Media Composer (and the dTective® 8.1 BETA for Adobe Premiere Pro).

ClearID® v3.5 supports Adobe Photoshop 2021 and is FREE for those In-Support As-Of 10/1/2020.  ClearID® will run in 30-Day trial mode if not unlocked.

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Download ClearID® v3.5

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