Can I use archive-R with Avid’s Unity/ISIS/Nexis Shared Storage?

Yes, you can use archive-R from any Windows system connected to your network that has access to Unity/ISIS/Nexis.

Make sure to mount the shared storage space from Unity/ISIS/Nexis you wish to work with, and archive-R will see it.

If you’re using a shared External Avid Projects Folder/Drive, where all of your agency projects are stored in your shared environment, you’ll need to direct archive-R to that location once; it will retain that setting going forward.  To do this, launch archive-R and go to Tools > Avid Folders. Then direct the archive-R “External Avid Folder” to the Unity/ISIS/Nexis Workspace where the Avid project resides.   Close archive-R and when you launch it again, you should see your Avid projects.

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