How do I perform an Avid Dongle Dump?

If you are interested in upgrading your Avid editing software and hardware, please provide Ocean Systems with a “dongle dump” from your system.

The Dongle Dump can be found by browsing to Program Files > Avid > Utilities > DongleDumper.  Double click on Dongle Dumper.exe.  Highlight the text and copy and paste the information to a text or word document for future reference. We need this information when ordering your upgrade.

Submit this information to Ocean Systems using the following form – Upgrade My System

How do I find my Avid dongle number?

There are a few ways to determine your Avid dongle number. The first and easiest is to look at your dongle and find the 8 character alphanumeric string. It commonly starts with a EF or 548 string. On the parallel dongles it may appear on the side of the dongle itself. For the USB dongles it may be on a card attached to the dongle.

If you cannot find it there you can find it using a program called DongleDumper. This can be found by going to the following directory on your Avid system:

C:\Program Files\Avid\Utilities\DongleDumper\ and running the dongledumper.exe. In the dialog that appears you will find a window that lists out several settings we are looking for the value of the Dongle Serial Number. Again this should be an 8 character alphanumeric string most likely starting with an EF or a 548 string.

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