What is a Favorite Bin?

A Favorite Bin is a bin that will be accessible in all projects created by the user, which is very handy for common assets such as titles, etc.  A Favorite bin can hold any items that a regular bin can, such as clips, effect templates, titles, and sequences.

To create a Favorite Bin:

  1. Click the Settings tab in the Project Window.
  2. Double-click the Bin Settings. The Bin Settings window opens.
  3. Select the “Favorite Bins show at” option, an d choose either Top of  the Project Window or Bottom of the Project Window.
  4. Open the bin you want to make a Favorite Bin.
  5. Do one of the following:
  • Select Bin > Add Bin to Favorites.
  • Click the Bin Fast Menu and select Add Bin to Favorites.
  • Right click in a bin and select Add Bin to Favorites.

The bin appears in the Project Window in the Favorite Bins folder. If the same user opens another Project, the Favorite Bin appears in the Favorites Bins folder.

The list of Favorite Bins is stored in the Bin User settings. If you want multiple users to see the same list of Favorite Bins, you can drag the Bin Setting to the Site Settings dialog.

To delete a bin from the Favorite Bin Folder:

  1. Open the Favorite Bin Folder in the Project window.
  2. Select the bin you want to delete from the Favorite Bin folder.
  3. Click the Delete key.

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