How do I request a ClearID Unlock Code?

Detailed instructions with screen shots can be viewed by accessing the ClearID Product Guide through the ClearID interface. A copy was also stored on your C drive during installation.


Once you open the guide, goto the Appendix section for more details.

Launching ClearID & Accessing the Registration Screen

ClearID runs from with in Photoshop and can be accessed under the PS > Filters menu

  1. First Launch Photoshop
  2. Then open an image. (this is required to access ClearID)
  3. Next, launch the ClearID Workflow interface from Photoshop Filters > ClearID ® Workflow
  4. Click the “Register Now” button on the main interface
  5. Follow the instructions on the following screen to submit your request via the internet.
  6. If not connected to the internet on this system, you can do the following

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