Unlock ClearID v3.3.2 via the “Filters” menu

The following is specific to Unlocking ClearID v3.3.2

A known bug has been discovered that occassionally prevents a user from unlocking ClearID v3.3.2 via the “Register Now” button in the interface; after entering a Serial #, the Product Key is NOT displayed/generated.

Should you encounter this issue:

  1. Close the ClearID interface
  2. Choose a ClearID filter via the Photoshop “Filters” menu, such as “ClearID – 1 -Correct Video Artifacts > Video Field Alignment”.
  3. You’ll be presented with the same unlock interface, and after entering your Serial # the Product Key will be displayed.
  4. Click the Step 2 button to launch our online unlock request form
  5. Complete & submit form
  6. If you’re in support, we’ll email you the requested unlock code.
    1. If you’re not in support, we’ll reply with related information on renewing.

We apologize for any inconvenience, and assure you this bug will be fixed in our next release.

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