Adobe Premiere Pro – Hardware & Performance Recommendations

Adobe has leveraged GPU acceleration in their Mercury Playback Engine for playback & preview, but in May, 2020 they released the ability to leverage your GPU when exporting from Premiere Pro v14.2.  Adobe Hardware Acceleration System Requirements & Recommendations

Huge Time Savings for Many Encoding Tasks w/Proper Hardware & Settings!

Our initial tests exporting H.264 & H.265 content saw encoding times that were typically at least half of the software-only encoding for the same sequence, when using a qualified NVIDIA GPU & Driver, such as the Quadro models in our base workstation configurations.  NVIDIA also has done a lot more testing, of course, and they claim it’s up to 5x faster than CPU encoding in their tests.

Enable Mercury Playback Engine GPU Accelerated Renderer

Open your Project Settings in Adobe Premiere Pro.  On the “General” tab, under Video Rendering and Playback, click the Renderer drop-down and select “Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration….”, as shown in this screenshot:

NOTE: If not available and you know you have a supported GPU & driver, Adobe recommends doing a clean install of the GPU drivers.  See this Adobe Help Page on GPU Accelerated Rendering & Encoding for further details.

Hardware Encoding Settings

You’ll find the option to leverage Hardware Encoding for H.264 & H.265 under the “Video” options when exporting from Premiere Pro (Also in Media Encoder profile options).


Availability will vary on factors such as available VRAM, video properties, etc.

A few other quick performance tips for Premiere Pro:

  • Intel 7th Gen or newer CPU, like our dual CPU Intel XEON 20-Core Tower
  • Supported GPU w/lots of VRAM
  • Memory is king, but only if you allocate it.  Check memory settings in Preferences.
  • Use high I/O storage for Source, Cache, Scratch & Output drives.
    • PCIe M.2 NVMe
    • Internal SSD’s
    • High Performance Media RAID’s, like our SafeAV

As always, should you have any questions about how we can help save you time with your Digital & Multimedia Analysis workflows, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

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