Software Running in Demo Mode or Dongle Not Found

If you receive a “Dongle not found” error when you try to run:

  • dTective FXs in Media Composer or Adobe Premiere, dPlex Pro or DVR dCoder

It is likely that the required Sentinel driver is not installed, installed properly, or is the wrong version.

Reinstall the Sentinel Dongle driver.

  • Browse to   C:\Ocean Systems\Dongle Driver
  • Then run the Dongle Driver setup file.

If it works again, you are finished.  If not, reboot and retest to see if its working.  Finally, if it still doesn’t see your dongle, try uninstalling the Sentinel driver via Add/Remove programs, then reinstalling.

Are you using the correct Dongle?
Unlock Codes are specific to Dongle SNs so if you have more then one system, make sure you have the correct dongle for that system.

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