dTective & Media Composer 2019.x and 2020.x

Ocean Systems recommends that dTective® users leveraging archive-R, hold off on upgrading their systems to Media Composer 2019.x or 2020.x until further notice.

Initial testing indicates that all dTective® and ClearID® effects work as intended with Media Composer 2019.x & 2020.x, however, “archive-R” currently does NOT support either.  Furthermore, 2020.x introduces Avid’s new media engine replacing QuickTime, which may also impact your workflows.

archive-R supports ALL versions of Media Composer up to 2018.12.12 (released August, 2020).

If you were unaware, Avid is now supporting three long-term support branches; 2018.x, 2019.x, and 2020.x

Below are links to Avid’s documentation on Media Composer 2019.x & 2020.x, for your reference:

Media Composer v2020.6 ReadMe
Media Composer v2020 What’s New
Media Composer v2020 ReadMe
Media Composer v2020 Editing Guide

Media Composer v2019.12 ReadMe
Media Composer v2019.12 What’s New

Media Composer v2019.x User’s Guide
Media Composer v2019.x Effects Guide
Editing Application Install Guide

To learn more about the new Media Composer, we recommend Avid’s Free Video Tutorials.


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