Media Composer System Requirements and Compatibility

For an optimal experience with Media Composer, we strongly recommend choosing an Avid-qualified system

We’ve been developing PC workstations & custom hardware solutions for the Media Composer platform longer than anyone, and also leverage HP’s Avid Qualified mobile workstations in our workstation solutions portfolio.

With that said, we thought it noteworthy to point out the “new” Media Composer 2019.x software has raised the bar again, with such things as Minimum Memory of 16GB, 32GB or more recommended. Our default system configs these days start at 64GB, but of course can be down-graded if necessary.

Media Composer 2020.x is an entirely new ball game!  Avid’s new Universal Media Engine (UME) is not only more flexible, it’s fast!  Link to or Import media at its original frame rate.  Mix frame rates in the same project.  Mix raster sizes.  Leverage blazing fast import & export capabilities, including the ability to export directly to MP4 (Introduced in MC 2020.9).

As of MC 2020.9, Media Composer no longer supports Windows 7.

For complete details on Media Composer System Requirements and Compatibility, click the button below to visit Avid’s related KB Article:

Avid KB Article – System Requirements

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