What is the Avid Universal Media Engine (UME)?

“UME is replacing the existing AMA (Avid Media Access) functionality that has been used by Media Composer for linking to, importing, and exporting file-based media.”

UME was initially introduced in Media Composer 2019.6 to provide Op1a support, and provides file-based workflow capabilities similar to AMA, but with better performance for Linking, Importing & Exporting.

As you may know, AMA relies heavily on the antiquated 32-bit QuickTime libraries.  While convenient, leveraging the QuickTime framework/libraries on Windows has always been hindered by threading limitations, not to mention later security vulnerabilities.


Linking, Importing & Exporting is far more efficient thanks to UME, and file format support has continued to expand since its introduction.  MC 2020.4 was the biggest update to UME.   MC 2020.6 introduced Variable Frame Rate (VFR) support for H.264 in MP4 & MOV.  MC 2020.9 introduced MP4 export capabilities.

See Avid’s FAQ on the Universal Media Engine (UME) for further information.

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