Digitizing VHS tape using Omnivore™ Field Kit

The Omnivore™ Field Kit can digitally capture uncompressed from HDMI, DVI, VGA, S-Video or Composite sources.  To capture a VHS tape uncompressed:

  1. Connect the DVI Bridge to your laptop via USB 3.
  2. Connect DVI Bridge to AD Convertor via DVI to HDMI connection (as shown in diagram below)
  3. Connect AD Converter to VHS deck via S-Video (better quality) or Composite.
  4. Plug in your Omnivore Drive and launch the Field Kit Viewer.
  5. Snap the Omnivore overlay window to the Field Kit Viewer window.
  6. Run an optimization in Omnivore via the Video tab.
  7. Do a test capture.  If everything looks good, starting doing your capture to OMV or OMVA.
  8. Open your OMV or OMVA capture in the Omnivore Viewer and export to .MOV uncompressed.

The resulting uncompressed .MOV file can then be linked or imported into Avid Media Composer, opened in dPlex Pro or processed in other software if required.


Field Kit Connection Diagram

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