Omnivore update completed, but now I can’t create a user or save user settings!

If you’ve recently updated your Omnivore™ drive and find that after the update completes that you can’t create a user or save user settings, confirm that the “Unsecured” partition is mounted.

When updating to version 3.3 or newer for the first time, the Omnivore™ drive will be re-partitioned as detailed in this FAQ.   As noted in the step-by-step instructions there, the drive partitions are re-created, labeled & formatted to NTFS (as opposed to FAT32 or exFAT).

If the UNSECURED partition is NOT mounting or is NOT named “Unsecured”, something has prevented the Windows partitioning process (initiated by the updater EXE) from completing properly.

This may be due to OS or other security settings or policies limiting Windows Disk Management features from being called by a 3rd party application, among other things.

  • Eject & re-insert the Omnivore™ drive; confirm the “Unsecured” partition is not mounting or is not labeled properly.
  • Try right-clicking on the updater EXE and “Run As Administrator” with your Omnivore™ plugged in.

If problem persists, it is likely both the “Secured” and “Unsecured” partitions will need to be manually re-formatted via Windows Disk Management utility.  Please contact Technical Support for further assistance.

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