Omnivore Drive Won’t Work – It Won’t Mount Anymore and I can’t Access The CD-ROM

My Omnivore Drive no longer mounts and I can’t access the software on the CD-ROM partition, what should I do?

When you plug in your Omnivore drive, two partitions should mount.  You should see (as shown below):

  1. Omnivore CD-ROM Partition with the software loaded on it.
  2. Unsecured  (Drive Letter)

Omnivore v3.3 ROM partition is shown above.

You should be able to double click on the Omnivore.exe and launch the program and browse the Omnivore program partition.

If your Omnivore drive doesn’t operate like this, your drive may no longer be working.  This sometimes happens with older drives.
Or it could be something that changed on your system preventing it from mounting.

Steps to Confirm if you have bad Drive

Confirm that something on your computer isn’t stopping it from launching.  We have seen computer virus & security updates block USB devices from mounting.

Take Omnivore to another system or systems you believe aren’t locked down and test it there.

What to do if I have a bad Drive?

If the drive has indeed failed such that it won’t mount anymore, here are your options:

Omnivore Drive Upgrade Program

Omnivore drives starting with SNs B50, M12A or M13A are USB 2.0 32GB drives manufactured in 2013 or before.  Ocean Systems has a Drive Upgrade program you can leverage where you can get a new drive and transfer your existing support, or you can get a new drive and extend your support.

Update your USB2 32GB Drive to a new USB3 64GB versions, click here to Learn More

Request a Drive Replacement of a similar kind.

If your drive is within its 1 year warrently from the date of purchase, we will send you are new replacement drive.  If its an older drive past 1 year AND you are in support, we can send you a similar older drive that we have in stock from others who updated their drive to the new USB3 drive.

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