Omnivore Audio Captures Issue – Audio Recording Sounds Mechanical

If you are getting audio recorded but it sounds clipped or mechanical, this could be a Hz Freq. mismatch issue. The audio was probably recorded at 44.1 Hz but your windows settings are 48 Hz and Omnivore is trying to capture at 44.1Hz.

Cause – Your audio record settings are set to 48 Hz instead of 44.1 Hz

Solution – Change your audio settings to 44.1 Hz

Steps to Changing Windows Audio Settings
1) Go to your Sounds Settings. You should be able access them by right clicking on your speaker icon from your Windows Task Bar and choosing “Open Sound settings” (speaker icon shown below), if you have your system set up to display this icon.

If not, search Windows for “Sound Settings” or access your “System Icons” settings to add the volume icon.

Once the settings are open (on Windows 10) click on “Sound Control Panel” (shown below).

From the resulting “Sound” window that opens, select the “Recording” Tab (shown below). Make sure “Stereo Mix” or “What You Hear” is selected.

2) Double Click on “Stereo Mix” to access the Stereo Mix Properties. If you see them set to 48 Hz, change them to 44.1 Hz as shown below.

If You Don’t see Stereo Mix
If you don’t see “Stereo Mix” or “What You Hear“, you’ll need to enable it. This is explained in detail in the Omnivore help index. To access the help index, from Omnivore Main Interface, click on ‘Help” (shown below). From the resulting help window, select Setup & Enable Audio Capture.

You can also browse the Omnivore CD-ROM Partition to access the Setup & Enable Audio Capture  document. Product Guides and Sample Media are loaded on your Omnivore CD-ROM Partition, as shown below.

Video Links to Setting up Audio and more – Click Here

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