Omnivore™ and VLC Media Player – Omnivore is not seeing the video playing back in VLC Media Player!

There are a great many ways to draw video to a computer screen.  It is the most computationally complex thing your computer does, and there are literally more variables in the playback pipeline that with any other type of digital evidence.

Omnivore™ works at the Operating System (OS) level.  If the player is using any one of several technologies to leverage GPU acceleration, Omnivore™ may not see it as the video isn’t being sent back to the application’s window where it is displayed; instead, the video is drawn at those X & Y coordinates on your display that represent the application’s video playback window by the graphics card.

If Omnivore™ doesn’t see the video in VLC or any other player, see if the player allows you to re-direct the output to another video renderer.

  • In VLC 3.0.x, go to TOOLS > PREFERENCES > Video Tab
  • Choose “OpenGL video output for Windows” or “Windows GDI video output”.
  • Click SAVE on the settings.
  • Close & Re-open VLC
VLC Video Settings Tab

VLC 3.0.8 Video Settings tab.












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