Omnivore™ Updater Instructions – If updating from v3.1 or prior to v3.3 or v3.4 – This will reformat your drive

If updating from Omnivore v3.1 or prior to v3.3 or v3.4, Omnivore now has new features that require the drive to be reparitioned and reformatted.

Back-Up your data before running the Omnivore Updater.

Summary of Steps to update your Omnivore Drive

  1. Backup all data from both the Omnivore UNSECURED & SECURED partitions before running the updater.
  2. Download the Omnivore updater.exe   This is a free update to anyone in Omnivore support as of 07/01/2019
  3. Insert your Omnivore™ drive.
  4. Double-click the updater EXE to begin the update process.
  5. Follow the prompts (detailed below) to complete the update process.
  6. Remove & Re-insert your Omnivore™ drive before first use.

Watch a video of the processOmnivore Updater Step-by-Step Update Process Video (~3:30)

Detailed Step-by-Step Instructions with Screen Shots

The Omnivore updater.exe will walk you through the multi-step update process.  Below are the detailed steps to complete the update.

WARNING: Do NOT eject your Omnivore™ during the update process or while the red light on the drive is blinking.

1) Insert your Omnivore™ drive and double-click the updater EXE to begin.

The first screen displayed is shown to the right.

(If you are not currently in support this screen will not be displayed, but rather an unlock screen.  You can review and purchase Support Renewal options from the Omnivore™ product page. )



2) Type the word “proceed” and when ready to continue, click “OK”.




3) Confirm that you have backed up your data before proceeding by clicking “Yes”.





Format Removable Disk window for “Secured” partition.

4) Next you will be asked to format the “SECURED” partition, as shown to the right.  We recommend accepting the default values, then clicking “Start”.


Immediately after clicking “Start” you’ll receive another warning notice that all data will be erased as shown below; click “OK”.





Next click “OK” when formatting is complete.





5) Click “Close” on the Format Removable Disk window shown to the right. 


Format Removable Disk window for “Unsecured” partition.

6) Next you’ll repeat steps 4 & 5 in order to format the “UNSECURED” partition.

Click “Start” to accept the defaults to Quick Format the Unsecured partition.

Click “OK” on the Format Removable Disk warning, and “OK” again once formatting completes (as shown above).

Click “CLOSE” on the Format Removable Disk window shown to the right.



7) Once formatting has completed, the Omnivore updater will Flash your Omnivore Drives CDROM Partition with the updated features . This will display various status messages as it completes the update process.  Upon successful completion,  a notice will be displayed informing you that your update was successful; click “OK”.







8) Your update is complete.  Eject & Re-Insert your Omnivore™ drive before first use.


  • If the update fails, eject & re-insert your Omnivore™ drive and try running the updater again.
  • If the update still doesn’t complete successfully, try a different USB port on your PC.
  • If you’re still having difficulty, please contact our Technical Support


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