Omnivore Capture or Optimization Failed to Recognize the Video Being Played on Your Screen

Usually things just work. But when they don’t, try the basics first. 

If you are capturing from a Web Browser, try another Web Browser.  If you are capturing from a player, check the player settings, open a second player. Not working on your computer regardless, try on another computer.

There are many components involved in displaying video given different versions of Microsoft Windows, Web Browsers and Video Players. Sometimes the combination of Windows Themes or Microsoft Windows patches or Web Browser updates can cause video display issues such that Omnivore doesn’t see the video being displayed.

How do these issues show themselves in Omnivore
If you tried a video capture with Omnivore and Omnivore didn’t capture it or you tried an Omnivore Optimization and got Omnivore Optimization results of -1 or 0, here are some more techniques to solve issue with the video displaying so Omnivore can see it.

1 – Changing Windows Desktop Themes 

Some players like Window Classic or Basic Theme, some want a Eros themes.  Right click the desktop and change the theme to somethings different.

2 – Turning off hardware acceleration in the video player
In the video player settings make sure “use overlay” is turned off on your player if this is an option.  It is usually located under options or in the preferences selection.

Additional Tip – Try Opening Two Instances of the Proprietary Player
In some cases, if the proprietary video player is using hardware acceleration or overlays such that the video can not be seen by Omnivore, and it has no way of turning off hardware acceleration, opening the player twice may allow Omnivore to see the video via the 2nd instance.

Below is a video showing how important it is to understand the playback software:

Windows 10
Try using the Windows Light Theme

Windows 7 and Vista — Turning on/off Aero
If you are on Vista or Windows 7 you can try and turn off Windows Aero. To do this, right click on the desktop and choose “Personalize”. Then scroll down and look for “Basic and High Contrast Themes” and choose “Windows Classic”.

Windows XP — Turning on/off Hardware Acceleration
Right click on your desktop, choose properties > settings > advanced > troubleshooting. Slide the hardware acceleration to none.


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