Tech Tip: Omnivore™ QuickSave

Enabling Omnivore QuickSave™
Setting up QuickSave is easy. Simply point your “Temp File Path” located under the Utilities Tab to the same drive as your “Save To Location” located under Output Settings, and even long video captures can get saved in just seconds.

Note: The folders don’t have to be the same, just the same drive.

Why is Quick Save So Fast
Your Temp File location is where Omnivore stores the raw video capture before it gets saved as an .OMV or OMVA file. If the Temp File “drive” and the “Save To Location” drive are the same, Omnivore can simply close the raw capture once you click save from the Omnivore Preview Window. Captures with audio will take slightly longer but are still very fast.

Why “Temp File” and “Save To Location Set” To Different Drives is Slower
If these are set to different drives, the raw video capture has to get copied to the new drive which takes time. Moving large amounts of data is limited by drive speed and connection type.

Faster Drives and Faster Connections:
Omnivore can capture large dimensions and faster frame rates when the TFP is set to faster drives and connection type.

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