Omnivore™ Captured Video in Adobe Premiere Pro – Using Uncompressed Captures

The freely distributeable Omnivore™ Viewer software on your Omnivore™ drive allows you to export uncompressed Omnivore™ captures (.OMV or .OMVA files) to several common formats, including Uncompressed AVI and Uncompressed MOV.

If you’re using Adobe Premiere Pro in your workflow:

  • Output from Omnivore™ Viewer to uncompressed .AVI

(Premiere Pro does not support the uncompressed TIFF codec inside the MOV container.)







    • When importing uncompressed AVI clip(s) into Premiere Pro, choose “Ignore Alpha Channel” in the Interpret Footage settings (right-click on clip).

      Right-click on clip in Premiere Pro media browser and go to MODIFY > Interpret Footage

    • On the Interpret Footage tab, select the “Ingnore Alpha Channel” option.

      Select “Ignore Alpha Channel” and click “OK”.

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