Omnivore™ Capture is Offset – This is likely a Windows Display Scaling Issue – Set Your DPI to 100% instead of 125%

Why does this happen ?

There are two main reasons this can happen.

(1) Your computer Display DPI Scaling Setting is not set to 100%, but instead its set to something like 125%.
(2) The player you are using is causing problems because of its settings or display mode settings are overriding your Windows Display Settings.  Some players are peskier than others.

What is quickest way to determine which it is ? That is in part up to you. 

(1) Check and adjust your Windows DPI Scaling Setting to 100% and do another test capture.
(2) Do a test capture on a know piece of video with a known player.

Option 1 – Adjust the Windows DPI Settings to 100%
There needs to be a 1:1 relationship between where you are placeing of the Omnivore Overlay and what its capturing.  Windows scaling can throw that off.

In Windows 7 this is easy to fix.  Right click desktop > Select Personalize > Display

If yours scaling is set to 125%, change it to 100%.  Then do a test capture with Omnivore in Image Capture mode. That’s faster then doing a video capture.
If Image Capture is off, Video capture will be off as well.

If you get the results you expected, the issue is now resolved.

In Windows 10, this can be more tricky. In some versions of Windows 10, they have removed access to the DPI setting, so you have to do a regedit to modify it. Always back up your registry first.

Before you do this, try Option #2 below.

Option 2 – Do a Test Capture a known piece of video with a known player

Omnivore comes with a 2 test capture videos located on the main Omnivore Partition under Omnivore > Help > Videos

Open one of these 2 videos and do a test image capture then view the results.

If the results of this test show your Omnivore Capture isn’t offset, then your computer display settings shouldn’t be the issue. Instead, you just have one of the pesky Players that is doing something funky.

Determining how to get your Pesky Player to allow you to Capture WYSIWYG or at a 1:1 Scale.

Since every player is different, its going to take digging around in its menus and trying a few differenet things.

1) Check the players settings for scaling options

2) Try different display modes such as Quad View, Full Screen etc. We have seen one mode work and not another from the same player, without changing any settings.

3) Try launching a second copy of the player and test capture from that 2nd player.  Sometimes, the first instance of the player will use GPU/VRAM resources, and the second will use CPU/RAM.

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