QuickDME™ DEMO Installation Fails to Create Database. HELP!

The QuickDME™ 30-Day DEMO package includes:

  • QuickDME™ version
  • Microsoft SQL Server Express 2014
  • Demo Database & Assets – videos, images, audio, etc so you can get up and running in just minutes
  • 3x User Licenses
  • User Guides & Product Overview Videos

This package installer will:

  1. Install SQL Server Express (If SQL or SQL Express isn’t already installed)
  2. Install QuickDME software
  3. Create the required QuickDME database
  4. Import our sample data

IF installation fails at Step 3 above, it is likely that you don’t have Microsoft .NET version 3.5 enabled or installed.

  1. Use Windows Add/Remove Programs to uninstall the QuickDME™ DEMO components, then reboot your system.
  2. Type “Turn Windows features on or off” in the Win10 search bar (or Control Panel search in Win7)
  3. Scroll list looking for “.NET Framework version 3.5” and click the checkbox next to it to enable.
  4. Next click “OK”
  5. Run the QuickDME Demo.EXE to complete the installation.

Alternatively, if .NET Framework version 3.5 is not listed, download and Install .NET version 3.5 via the link below

Click Here to Download .NET v3.5 from Microsoft.  After completing installation of .NET 3.5 you may need to reboot your system again.

Once .NET version 3.5 has been successfully installed, run the QuickDME Demo.exe again to complete the installation.


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