QuickDME™ DEMO Package Installation & README

Demo Package: Get set up in just minutes

The QuickDME™ 30-Day DEMO package (~1.13GB) includes:

  • QuickDME™ version
  • Microsoft SQL Server Express 2014
  • Demo Database & Assets – videos, images, audio, etc so you can get up and running in just minutes
  • 3x User Licenses
  • User Guides & Product Overview Videos

DEMO Package READ ME (PDF) – Includes System Requirements & Overview

.NET Framework Version 3.5 Required (Why? (1) .NET version 3.5 is required for the DEMO package installation only. (2) This requirement is for backwards compatibility with Windows 7. (3) If you already have SQL Server installed on your PC, the DEMO package will not install SQL Server, but instead will create a new database in your existing SQL server. )

As noted in the above README, Microsoft’s .NET Framework version 3.5 is required for the DEMO package installer, even if you have a newer version of .NET installed.  Our Demo Package installer will notify you if you need to enable .NET version 3.5, and if so will provide a convenient link to open the “Turn Windows Features on or off” window, where you can enable .NET version 3.5 from your OS. Alternatively, Download & Install .NET v3.5 from Microsoft

Download the 30-Day DEMO Installer

Simply complete & submit the QuickDME™ 30-Day DEMO download request form and your download will begin automatically.

Once downloaded, run the EXE and follow the prompts on your screen.

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