Help! Media Composer isn’t seeing my Nitris DX!

If you’re still leveraging antiquated I/O hardware with your Media Composer software, like the old Adrenaline…you might want to consider an I/O hardware upgrade.  Even Nitris DX & HD are long in the tooth, but they still function with current versions of Media Composer.

HW/SW button found in the Avid Media Composer timeline.

If you’ve updated your Media Composer software and your Avid I/O device is no longer seen by the system, first be sure to check the “HW/SW – Enabled” button in your Media Composer timeline, to make sure the hardware is enabled.

DX Drivers Are No Longer Installed by Default

DX Driver installed separately:

Starting with Media Composer v8.9.4, the DX Driver was not automatically installed on Mac systems. Since the 2018.9 release, the DX Driver is not automatically installed on Windows systems either. 

Avid DX Driver Separate Installer

If you need to install the Avid DX Driver to work with your Avid IO device, you can install it separately. The installer is located:  

  • (Windows) Program Files\Avid\Utilities\DXDrivers

 For Windows systems, there is a Win7 driver and a Win10 driver in the Utilities folder. The Win7 driver works for both Windows 7 and Windows 8 systems.

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