Let’s Talk Storage Solutions for Digital & Multimedia Evidence

If you work with digital evidence you know you need secure, reliable, flexible storage solutions. Regardless of which tools you use to process Digital & Multimedia Evidence (DME) or even which discipline(s) you specialize in, high-capacity reliable storage is a fundamental commonality and requirement.

As each day passes law enforcement and government agencies struggle with managing more sources of DME, like body worn cameras, drone footage, and DCCTV. The massive amounts of data storage required have led many to finally consider secure cloud-based storage solutions, but as some have found out, despite the minimal capital investment, cloud storage costs can quickly exceed the annual budget limitations of even the largest LE & IT agencies; not to mention performance issues for real-time multimedia processing.

Minimize Cost, Maximize Investment with Tiered Storage

It’s something we’ve been doing for many years in our forensic workstations and for our customer’s forensic lab storage requirements. Think of engineering your lab or shared storage much like we all would do for a workstation, using a tiered approach.  RAM is the fastest & most expensive storage, then M.2 & PCIe SSDs, SATA SSDs, old-school HDDs, and of course many still use optical media for the distribution or archiving tier.

Cost, speed, security, reliability, expandability, redundancy and more must all be taken into consideration.

Workflow-optimized Tiered Storage for Real-time Forensic Processing & Production

Avid NEXIS Family

Avid NEXIS Storage

We help Federal, State and local forensic labs design cost-effective, efficient shared storage solutions leveraging Avid’s industry leading storage platforms. Avid NEXIS is the media industry’s most comprehensive and reliable shared storage solution, for many good reasons.  Although optimized to accelerate media workflows regardless of NLE, NEXIS makes managing shared storage for any type of digital evidence incredibly easy.

Media Storage Buyer’s Guide

Before you begin evaluating storage solutions, it’s a great idea to understand and be able to articulate your specific needs. To that end, consider checking out Avid’s Media Storage Buyer’s Guide.

From blazing fast local workstation storage such as M.2 NVMe and expandable RAID storage like our SafeAV, to designing a tiered storage solution that meets your specific needs and budget, we can help.

Give us a call today at (301) 476-8015 to learn more.  We look forward to helping you get the most out of your storage investment(s)!

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