New(!) Lossless Trimming & More – Omnivore™ v3.5

We hoped to have Omnivore™ v3.5 released last month, but we just had to get it right...and it'll be worth the wait!

The v3.5 release will incorporate performance improvements for our uncompressed screen capture, a new preview player that makes trimming much quicker, plus we've added Lossless Trimming for any FFmpeg supported file!

Lossless Trimming

Having the ability to losslessly trim a file can save tremendous amounts of time, bandwidth, storage & processing cycles, depending on your workflows.  Omnivore™ v3.5 will include an all new option to losslessly trim any FFmpeg supported file!

FFmpeg Convert uses FFmpeg's lossless trimming capability and is only limited by the source's encoding/format.  We've labeled it as "Not frame accurate & ignores other options" right in the interface, to make this clear.  Essentially, this means it will attempt to use the nearest reference frame to your mark IN point, for temporally compressed video files.  The "ignores other options" refers to the fact that when using lossless trim all other encoding options are moot, as FFmpeg is simply copying the source stream between two points.

Omnivore™'s New FFmpeg Convert Player in v3.5

Omnivore™'s New FFmpeg Convert Player in v3.5


You have an Interview recorded to MP4 or VOB, which is an hour long.  You really only need to work with about 5 minutes of it.  Use lossless trimming to trim down to your 5 minutes of interest, then continue on in your workflow using the much smaller file.

New FFmpeg Convert Player

Omnivore™ v3.5 includes a new player that replaces FFplay for previewing FFmpeg supported files.  The new player provides simple, easy to use controls for marking IN/OUT and clearing marks, and those IN/OUT points are carried over to the FFmpeg Convert interface when you close the preview player.

Omnivore™ v3.5 Webinar 4/28/21

Join us on Wednesday, April 28th at 1:00 PM EDT for a free 1-hour webinar to learn more about Omnivore™ version 3.5!   We’ll show the new LOSSLESS trimming process, updated player in FFmpeg Convert, substantial optimization improvements for Field Kit & video captures, and more.

Can't make the webinar? Register anyway and we'll email you a link to the recording after.

Join Us on 4/28/21 @ 1:00 PM EDT

See the latest Omnivore™ features & workflows.

We're putting the finishing touches on this incredibly exciting release, so be sure to check back soon for updates and Thank You for Choosing Ocean Systems as Your Solutions Partner!

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