Managing Digital Evidence “Silos” with QuickDME™

QuickDME™ version 3.1 (released March 29, 2018)  introduces many new features, including one we call “Linkable Locations”.  This feature allows the system administrator to “Link” to other network storage locations, then “index” the evidence from those locations without having to move all of the data in order to manage it with QuickDME™.  Linkable Locations make it easier than ever to manage all of your agency’s digital evidence assets with a single solution.

DCCTV evidence.  In-car video systems.  Body worn video systems.  Mobile device evidence.  Computer Forensic evidence. Crime scene photography. Interview recordings. Covert surveillance, and more.

These are some of the “Silos” of digital evidence that may be stored throughout your network, which are often managed by different people and solutions.  It doesn’t need to be that way, and you don’t need to be locked into another proprietary solution and cloud storage contract to resolve it!

You need QuickDME™.

QuickDME™ is a secure digital evidence asset manager that puts YOU in complete control.  It can easily be configured to match your existing policies and procedures, and it can simplify and automate routine tasks, such as entering new evidence.  Conceptually it sits between your users and your digital evidence assets.  You define who can access what, what they can do with the evidence (if anything), and you can rest assured knowing everything cryptographically hashed and audited along the way.

In addition to “Linkable Locations”,  QuickDME™ version 3.1 includes substantial performance improvements, file associations specific to an evidence folder, thirty more custom fields, support for international characters, Boolean search capability, the ability to save AccessDME layouts, and more.

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