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That's one way to put it, "Windows Explorer on Steroids"As you may know, QuickDME™ began as a crime scene photo management tool, complete with advanced metadata & camera specific capabilities.

Over the last several years we've grown it into what we've envisioned from the very start, thanks to the feedback & support of our customers around the world.

Riots & Mass Video Collection Incidents

There have been many advancements in mass collection of digital evidence over the last couple decades, and we've been at the forefront of many of those efforts, innovating & providing solutions to law enforcement around the world.  For instance, in the 2011 Vancouver Riots (link to Press Release on our solutions, engineers & analysts were crucial to the success of that IACP Award winning collaboration of Forensic Video experts.  In fact, without Ocean Systems, the LEVA Vancouver Riot Response Team would not have been possible at all.

Furthermore, in this article from Computer World, they discuss how important infusing metadata is to the mass collection & processing of digital video evidence.

QuickDME™ Items in Tree View (v4.1)

QuickDME™ Items window in Tree View (v4.1)

Your Evidence. Your Storage. Your Way. QuickDME™

Secure, efficient video evidence management & processing doesn't require expensive cloud storage contracts or ANY proprietary storage or databases, for that matter.  It's your evidence, your data, your metadata.  You should always have complete control, in our opinion.  In fact, in some jurisdictions in the U.S. child exploitation and other types of evidence cannot legally be accessible to even senior I.T. Administrators.

QuickDME™ can and does help agencies with that, with advanced metadata infusing capabilities, note taking, custom fields and more, but it can also be leveraged on a single workstation.

Demo Package: Get up and running in just minutes

No seriously, just minutes on any Windows 10, 8.1,8, or 7 workstation or laptop.  Our new Demo Package installer makes it super easy to start working with all of the capabilities of QuickDME™ on a single workstation.

Sample Evidence.  Sample Notes.  Sample metadata injected.  Sample cases.  Sample DCCTV Player associations. And more.

Checkout our Demo Package KB article for details and a link to our Demo Package download request form.  Simply complete & submit the form and your download will begin automatically (if your browser security settings allow).

QuickDME™ Notes Tab (v4.1)

QuickDME™ Notes Tab (v4.1)

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