Media Composer 2020.9 – Export to MP4 – Avid’s Universal Media Engine (UME) is FAST!

Avid’s Universal Media Engine (UME) was introduced in Media Composer 2019.6 in order to provide MXF Op1a support, and it has been regularly updated and improved since then.  It is a game changer for MP4 and MOV file-based workflows:

Improved performance, by the way, in most cases by multiple factors! 

  • Improved performance when Linking & Transcoding
  • Improved performance when Importing
  • Improved performance when Exporting

Work with Mixed Frame Rates and Raster Sizes in the Same Project
Not only is it faster, it’s also facilitated improvements to working with mixed frame rates & raster sizes in the same project.

Works with Variable Frame Rate Videos as well
Dealing with Variable Frame Rate (VFR) sources?  Media Composer 2020.6 introduced support for Linking, Importing & Exporting VFR H.264 MP4 and MOV files.  Want to export directly to MP4?  Update to Media Composer 2020.9 (released 9/30/2020 – no longer supports Windows 7)

Get the latest Avid Media Composer Updates – $399

If you have any version of Media Composer you can update it by getting back in support for as little as $399.  Renew online via credit card or you can automatically generate a proposal/quote for offline payment processing.

Forensic Processing Workstation

Ocean Systems Tower workstation with optional integrated Tableau Forensic Bridge & MMC reader. Click to view base model specs.

Workstation Updates & Upgrades

Unlike all other types of digital evidence, multimedia evidence is hardware  & resource dependent. 

As you may know, we not only build Avid qualified workstations, we integrate & configure the software for you and can consult & assist with component upgrades.

Considering PCIe Gen 4 already?  We can speak to why Intel & others aren’t, yet.  Looking to leverage PCIe M.2 storage?  Upgrading your multiple monitor configuration to add 4K/UHD into the mix?  Need a HP Workstation-grade laptop with all the bells & whistles?  We can help.

Learn more about our workstation solutions or better yet give us a call at (301) 476-8015 to discuss your specific needs today!  Thank you for considering Ocean Systems.

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