New Avid Media Composer – Playing Clips at their Native Frame Rates vs the Avid Project Frame Rate

QuestionCan you play a clip at its native frame rate even though it doesn’t match the Avid project’s frame rate?

AnswerYes – If you AMA link to the media, that is what Avid Media Composer does by default.

This is a question that comes up from time to time, and it did again just the other day from an Ocean Systems customer, so we put together a video to show how this works in Avid Media Composer.


Before Avid added AMA or Frame Flex, Avid users would import media into an Avid Project and Avid would make new media to match that project frame rate.

While you can still do this when needed, AMA Linking provides forensic video processing people quick access to the original source media AND the ability to play multiple clips of different native frame rates within the same sequence.

Avid Media Composer Today
You have options to do both Native Clip Frame Rate or Avid Project Frame Rate when you AMA link to the media directly.

Using AMA and Flex Frame, you can have a 30 FPS Avid Project and drop in a 15 frame per second video clip via AMA direct link to the clip, and Avid will play the 15 FPS clip at 15 FPS inside the 30 FPS project.

It’s your choice, but by default, Avid plays at the AMA linked media clip’s native rate.

Below is a brief video showing how to access these options when AMA Linking to media:

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