New Vendor Certification Coming in 2019 – DME dTective®!

Today we are excited to announce that in 2019 we will be introducing a new Ocean Systems vendor Certification, DME dTective®.  The new certification program is currently being designed, and it is anticipated that we will begin accepting applications for the new certification in the Fall of 2019.

This new certification program will certify both public and private sector professionals in the use of Ocean Systems’ solutions, and acknowledge that professionals have mastered the application of our solutions for investigating Digital Multimedia Evidence (DME), based on industry accepted Best Practices.

As you may know, Ocean Systems was an integral partner and key supporter of developing the world’s first industry certification program for Forensic Video Analysts.  Over our 30+ year history we have led the way for educating law enforcement on the proper use, processing, interpretation and presentation of video & multimedia evidence.  Today’s announcement furthers our commitment to ensuring properly trained and qualified professionals are processing video and multimedia evidence within the criminal justice system.

Of course, those interested in applying for the new certification will need to demonstrate that they have met certain training and continuing education requirements, and the new certication program will incorporate both a proctored written exam, as well as a practical exam.

We Want to Hear From You!

If you’re a Certified Forensic Video Examiner (CFVE) or Certified Forensic Video Analyst (CFVA) interested in helping to develop our new certification program, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help you for helping us, and our entire industry, by assisting with this project.

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Thank you for your valuable time, and keep your eyes and ears open for more news on our new DME dTective® Certification in 2019!

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