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Product Free if In-Support As Of File Size Last 4 of MD5 Hash Download Link
QuickView LT – Free Multimedia player (integrates with Omnivore, archive-R, and QuickDME) FREE 16 MB DEF3 Click to Download
Add More Features to QuickView LT
QuickDME users gain extra features in QuickView LT such as our 3 Column Meta Data Comparison Report.  If you are not a QuickDME user yet that’s ok, download the QuickDME Demo package and you will not only get QuickView LT but you will have access to these additional features and the full power of QuickDME.
dTective® 8.6.1 for Avid Media Composer (Bundled Installer)
incl ClearID 3.6.0, archive-R 2.1 , QuickView LT & dPlex Pro
10/01/2021 289 MB 5D32 Click to Download
dTective® 8.6.0 for Adobe Premiere Pro 10/01/2021 154 MB 5FC3 Click to Download
Omnivore™ 01/01/2022 578 MB A9AC Click to Download
ClearID® 3.6.0 b10.27.21 (64-bit)  for Adobe Photoshop 10/01/2021 25.8 MB 8500 Click to Download
QuickDME™ 30-Day DEMO Package
 incl our free QuickView LT™  media player that integrates with Omnivore™ 
FREE 1.1 GB D0FB Click to Download
QuickDME™ b01.28.22

incl. our free QuickView LT™  media player that integrates with Omnivore™

12/01/2021 201 MB 23C5 Click to Download
archive-R™ 2.1.0 b110821 for Avid Media Composer 10/01/2021 40.7 MB 50B9 Click to Download
QuickEnhance – Audio Clarification Plugins

Noise Filter Selection Guide

Avid Media Composer and Pro Tools Versions

VST Version is for programs such as  – Acoustica, Adobe Audition, Audacity, Sound Forge, etc.

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