Ocean Systems Webinars

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Technology Review Webinar from Ocean Systems

This webinar is a great overview of our complete offerings from collecting video to processing to deliverables.

– Solutions, Summer Specials, and Training Updates

Recorded 8/29/18 View Video

ClearID® v3 – Leveraging Actions & Smart Objects

– Regardless of where the images originate, ClearID is where they should end up if you are looking to unlock your hidden evidence.

Recorded 12/6/17 View Video

QuickDME, iNPUT-ACE, ClearID Overview Webinar

In this 1 hr. free Webinar we’ll demonstrate how the combination of -iNPUT-ACE, QuickDME and ClearID creates a powerful integrated solution for managing, processing and disseminating your digital media evidence case load.

– Learn how QuickDME™ can help automate your Digital Evidence workflow on a single workstation or throughout your unit or organization.

Recorded 10/12/17 View Video

Omnivore™ Field Kit Overview

– Learn about DVR Field Acquisition, Digital Video Capture and Image Clarification using Ocean Systems Solutions

Recorded 9/30/15 View Video