Omnivore™ v3.3 – What’s New with FFmpeg Convert

Omnivore™ v3.3 is a free software update to the award winning Omnivore™ Portable Digital Video Capture & Processing Tool.  This release introduces several new features to Omnivore™ Viewer’s FFmpeg Convert, such as:

Omnivore™ Viewer FFmpeg Convert

  • Ability to preview FFmpeg supported files with FFplay
  • Ability to Interrogate multimedia files with FFprobe
  • A new FFmpeg XML Viewer for reviewing Frame/Sample information reports
  • Ability to change dimensions/correct aspect ratio
  • Ability to change output Frame Rate
  • Ability to TRIM video files
  • Ability to export Audio streams, and more.

Capture, Probe, Play & Process video evidence from any Windows PC with a USB port!  In the office or in the field, Omnivore is a must have tool for anyone viewing or processing digital video evidence.

Webinar Recording

On 8/15 we held a live webinar reviewing many of the new features of the v3.3 update, which we’ve embedded for you below:

Updating Your Omnivore to v3.3

The version 3.3 software update is free to all customers In-Support As Of 7/1/2019Release notes, release history and the Download Request Form are available via our Downloads page (also via Download tab on Omnivore product page).  Complete and submit the Download Request Form and your download will begin automatically.

IMPORTANT – Backup all data from your Omnivore prior to updating

The v3.3 update will need to re-partition your drive, and then reformat both the SECURE & UNSECURE partitions.  It is important to backup all data from these partitions prior to updating.  Step-by-Step instructions as well as a brief overview of this process are available via our FAQ Knowledge Base.


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