Omnivore™ version 3.4 Released w/FFmpeg Convert & Optimization Improvements

Omnivore™ version 3.4 is now available for download!

This update is (FREE to all Omnivore users In Support as of 05/01/2020)

Omnivore™’s FFmpeg Covert interface.

 New Features & Updates

  • Updated FFmpeg Convert to identify & process more file types.
  • Improved Optimization process & Notifications:
    • Improved notification for situations where optimization fails.
    • Auto resets optimization values after failed optimization when user attempts another w/o resetting manually.
    • Notice to re-optimize when user changes Output Settings after performing an optimization.
  • FFmpeg Convert window resized to fit lower resolution displays.
  • Audio Capture Settings Guide & Product Guide updated.

Omnivore™ & FFmpeg Convert – Portable Multimedia Processing

Interrogate, Play, Process and save all related log files from any Windows PC with an available USB port.  In the lab or in the field, Omnivore™ includes the power of FFmpeg Convert to play & process any FFmpeg supported file (as well as many proprietary containers), in addition to the ease of use of our award winning forensic screen capture utility.

Omnivore™ & FFmpeg Convert Reports

If you’re already using Omnivore you’re familiar with our detailed screen capture reports that provide information regarding both the video being captured, and the host system it is being captured from.

With the introduction of FFmpeg Convert in version 3.1 last year, we also made it easy to save all FFmpeg related commands and the complete FFmpeg log containing all processing details for each task performed.

QuickView v4 player

QuickDME™’s QuicView player, coming soon in version 4.0 of QuickDME™

QuickDME™ Player Integration

Additionally, this release includes code to integrate with the free multimedia player we will be introducing in the upcoming release of QuickDME™ version 4.  Users will be able to even more quickly interrogate, play, and process files leveraging the power of FFmpeg Convert.

Omnivore™ 3.4 Download & Installation

Simply complete & submit the download form and your download will begin automatically.

Once your download completes, insert your Omnivore drive into an available USB port and run the updater EXE.

Need to renew your Omnivore™ Support? 

You can renew support securely online using a credit card or generate a proposal for offline payment processing.

Of course, please feel free to give Sales a call at (301) 476-8015 opt#2, as we always look forward to hearing from you!

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