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Avid Media Composer software is the professional’s choice, and the leading non-linear digital video editing solution on the market. Be sure to check out all of the Avid products we have available!

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Avid Media Composer Software Support (1 year)

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Avid Media Composer  – It’s a Whole New Ball Game!

Avid continues to make strides as the leading non-linear digital video editing solution on the market.  Avid Media Composer software allows you to work faster and easier than ever before.  View the new 2020 Interface and Features

HD, UHD, 4K, 8K and even 16K native support with incredible speed and ease!

Here are a few of the latest features.

  • DNx Uncompressed codec – New uncompressed codec option; compatible with Custom Canvas projects!
  • Custom Canvas – Edit videos in their native dimensions
  • Play videos at native frame rates regardless of project
  • Source Media Browser – View and organize your media before import
  • Favorites Bin Option – Favorites bins are available in every new project
  • Streamlined menus making finding what you need faster and easier

For a more complete list, click the “What’s new for forensic users”

So where does Avid Media Composer fit in? 

With multiple camera views and/or videos from different sources, aligning those videos into a multi-track timeline can be the most thorough and powerful way to interrogate and digest the material, both from an investigative standpoint as well as from a demonstrative point of view.

dTective is a suite of AVX plugins for Avid Media Composer, and some stand alone tools like archive-R.

So with dTective/Media Composer, you have the full set of Media Composer features, a video editing timeline and the dTective plugins for redaction, frame averaging, and presentation.

Media Composer Timeline

Media Composer Timeline

What’s New for Forensic Users?

A lot! So much that we tried to summarize the features added to Avid Media Composer by version for our Forensic users, but it needed it’s own KB article! The button below will open that KB article in a new tab, so you can browse the bulleted list.

For complete details on each release, visit the Avid Media Composer 2018 Documentation page and/or the Avid Media Composer Documentation & Version Matrix.

KB Article – Media Composer – What’s New for Forensic Users


I/O Options

Ocean Systems can provide, configure and support multiple I/O options for Media Composer and other NLE’s.

We recommend the Avid Artist I/O family or Blackmagic Intensity family of 3rd party I/O options.


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dTective® & Avid Media Composer


Below are a few related KB articles and FAQ’s:

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